The Ultimate Guide to Yard Waste Removal in Denver

As the seasons change in Denver, our beloved Mile High City transforms. From the vibrant tapestry of fall foliage blanketing the ground to the freshly cut emerald green of summer lawns, maintaining a beautiful and healthy outdoor space requires consistent effort. And with that effort comes the inevitable task of yard waste removal. But navigating the world of yard waste disposal can feel like tackling a snowy mountain peak in flip-flops, especially with Denver’s specific regulations and diverse disposal options.

This comprehensive guide from Total Disposal aims to be your trusty sherpa, guiding you through the process of yard waste removal with ease and eco-consciousness.

Understanding Yard Waste:

Yard waste, also known as vegetative waste, encompasses various organic materials generated from your landscaping and yard maintenance activities. Here are some common types:

  • Leaves: A major contributor, especially in autumn. Denver allows placing leaves in your curbside yard waste cart or compost pile.
  • Grass clippings: These can be composted or placed in your yard waste cart.
  • Branches and twigs: Smaller branches (less than 3 inches in diameter and 3 feet long) can be bundled and placed in your yard waste cart. Larger ones might require alternative solutions.
  • Shrubs and plants: These can be composted or bundled for yard waste collection if within size limitations.
  • Garden trimmings: Similar to shrubs and plants, these can be composted or placed in the yard waste cart depending on size.

Know What Goes Where:

Not all yard waste goes in the same place. Here’s a breakdown of Denver’s disposal options:

  • Curbside Yard Waste Collection: Denver offers convenient curbside collection for leaves, grass clippings, small branches, and other approved yard waste in designated carts. Remember to check the size and bundling requirements set by the city.
  • Composting: Composting yard waste at home is an excellent way to reduce waste and create nutrient-rich soil for your garden.
  • Yard Waste Drop-Off Sites: Denver operates several drop-off sites where residents can bring larger branches, yard debris exceeding cart limitations, and other non-curbside-approved yard waste for a fee.

Total Disposal for Large Yard Waste Removal:

For extensive yard projects or dealing with large quantities of yard waste exceeding regular collection limits, Total Disposal offers reliable and efficient yard waste removal services. We provide various dumpster sizes to cater to your specific needs, ensuring responsible disposal and a clean, debris-free yard.

Additional Tips for Responsible Yard Waste Removal:

  • Minimize waste generation: Consider mulching leaves and grass clippings instead of discarding them, creating natural fertilizer for your lawn.
  • Break down large branches: Cut large branches into smaller pieces to comply with curbside collection size regulations.
  • Avoid plastic bags: Yard waste should not be placed in plastic bags for curbside collection. Use paper bags or open containers instead.

By understanding yard waste types, disposal options, and responsible practices, Denver residents can maintain beautiful and eco-friendly outdoor spaces. Remember, Total Disposal is always here to assist you with any yard waste removal needs, big or small. Contact us today for a free quote and experience the smoothest yard waste removal journey in Denver!

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