The Joy Of Moving With A Dumpster Rental

Who doesn’t look forward to packing up all your worldly possessions into some semblance of order so that when you get to your next landing spot you can just unpack it all again. Sounds as fun as having your teeth pulled without any anesthetic!

Taking Stock Of Your Excess

While it can cause some anxiety and distress, it can also be a time to take stock of all the “stuff” in your life. Look at it as a time to purge and unload yourself of items that you have kept but not touched in years. We all have them. You were just sure that watermelon slicer gadget  was going to make life worth living again. You kept every art project your child ever made and convinced yourself that one day they would want to share them with their precious children. You kept meaning to clean out that closet but never got around to it. Now is your chance to lighten your load both metaphorically and realistically.

Often we tell ourselves that we do not even know where to begin. It feels so overwhelming and so full of decision making. Thoughts of what should we keep, what should we donate and what do we just get rid of floods our mind with uncertainty and guilt. It is like a marathon counseling session. Remember that many have survived before you and many will after. You can do this!

Getting Prepared

Start by getting a few boxes. Don’t overwhelm yourself with more boxes than you can fill in a few days. Unlike toilet paper they are not disappearing from the shelves, unless maybe you live in New York right now. Make sure the boxes are not too big and that you do not overfill them to the point that no normal human being can easily pick them up. Clearly mark what you put in each box with more than just the room they belong to. While a bit more time consuming on the front end, it will pay off when you walk into your new home and face a sea of boxes. Sure, you can pretend it is Christmas and make each box a surprise. That feeling will last for maybe the first or second box. Then you will be cursing under your breath.

One rule of thought is to look at each item as you are packing and ask yourself and answer the following questions with as much honesty as you can muster.

  1. When was the last time I used this?
  2. Does this item bring me joy or happiness?
  3. Where will I find a place for this in my next home?
  4. If I did not have this specific item, would I miss/need it?
  5. Is it irreplaceable or have deep sentimental value?
  6. Does it fit me anymore or would it ever? And even if it did, would I actually ever wear it again?

How To Rent A Dumpster

Let’s face the hard cold truth. Some things, maybe many things, just need to be thrown out. If it has been several years since you have moved or purged, consider ordering a dumpster from Total Disposal Dumpster Rental. We have several different dumpster sizes available and. our staff is well trained to help you decide what the best size roll-off will be for you. We work hard to stay competitively priced and offer exceptional customer service. Most people are shocked to find they can fill even one of our larger 30 yard dumpsters. It is better to have a little room left in a larger container than to quickly fill up a smaller one and still have more waste to get rid of. You can reach us at 303-659-3333, Monday – Friday form 7:00 AM through 5:30 PM.

Remember these “things” do not define your life. They are not an extension of yourself or any of your family members or friends. Yes, they may hold memories but really those memories are a part of us. We carry them with us wherever we go. They do not need a box and will not need any shelf or closet space in our next home. We can easily access them anytime we want. So take a deep breath and jump in. After all, those boxes will not pack themselves! But wouldn’t that be amazing if they did?

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